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Investment OptionsInception DateYTD Performance
as of 6/30/2024
1 Year3 Years5 Years10 YearsSince Inception
Advantage Age-Based Portfolio
2042 FUND08-01-2022 7.40%15.17%N/AN/AN/A14.06%
Blended Index Benchmark 7.40%15.12%N/AN/AN/A16.40%
2040 FUND08-01-2020 6.74%14.36%2.75%N/AN/A7.51%
Blended Index Benchmark 6.76%14.23%2.98%N/AN/A8.82%
2038 FUND08-01-2018 6.06%13.33%2.22%7.92%N/A7.16%
Blended Index Benchmark 5.96%13.04%2.41%7.93%N/A7.28%
2036 FUND05-18-2018 5.37%12.29%1.76%7.10%N/A6.30%
Blended Index Benchmark 5.17%11.88%1.87%7.09%N/A6.50%
2034 FUND05-18-2018 4.59%11.17%1.28%6.36%N/A5.81%
Blended Index Benchmark 4.37%10.72%1.31%6.31%N/A5.94%
2032 FUND05-18-2018 3.94%10.10%0.79%5.57%N/A5.32%
Blended Index Benchmark 3.63%9.58%0.74%5.51%N/A5.38%
2030 FUND05-18-2018 3.25%9.17%0.30%4.84%N/A4.82%
Blended Index Benchmark 2.93%8.44%0.04%4.48%N/A4.61%
2028 FUND05-18-2018 2.54%7.83%-0.13%4.09%N/A4.30%
Blended Index Benchmark 2.34%7.34%-0.44%3.79%N/A4.11%
2026 FUND05-18-2018 2.03%6.62%-0.55%3.35%N/A3.81%
Blended Index Benchmark 1.87%6.20%-0.55%3.17%N/A3.69%
2024 FUND05-18-2018 1.57%5.13%-0.40%2.81%N/A3.43%
Blended Index Benchmark 1.59%5.09%-0.37%2.73%N/A3.36%
GRADUATE FUND05-18-2018 1.48%4.87%0.64%1.95%N/A2.50%
Blended Index Benchmark 1.52%4.82%0.72%2.02%N/A2.49%
Vanguard Ohio Target Enrollment Portfolio
2042/204312-07-2023 9.78%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Vang Target Enroll 2042/2043 Comp 9.62%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
2040/204103-18-2022 9.53%17.27%N/AN/AN/A6.75%
Vang Target Enroll 2040/2041 Comp 9.62%17.76%N/AN/AN/A7.29%
2038/203903-18-2022 8.74%16.24%N/AN/AN/A6.10%
Vang Target Enroll 2038/2039 Comp 8.83%16.66%N/AN/AN/A6.63%
2036/203703-18-2022 7.64%14.77%N/AN/AN/A5.37%
Vang Target Enroll 2036/2037 Comp 7.77%15.18%N/AN/AN/A5.86%
2034/203503-18-2022 6.37%12.91%N/AN/AN/A4.34%
Vang Target Enroll 2034/2035 Comp 6.47%13.32%N/AN/AN/A4.77%
2032/203303-18-2022 5.36%11.44%N/AN/AN/A3.47%
Vang Target Enroll 2032/2033 Comp 5.35%11.71%N/AN/AN/A3.81%
2030/203103-18-2022 4.41%10.13%N/AN/AN/A2.79%
Vang Target Enroll 2030/2031 Comp 4.49%10.49%N/AN/AN/A3.16%
2028/202903-18-2022 3.00%7.73%N/AN/AN/A1.34%
Vang Target Enroll 2028/2029 Comp 3.13%8.18%N/AN/AN/A1.66%
2026/202703-18-2022 2.20%6.33%N/AN/AN/A1.04%
Vang Target Enroll 2026/2027 Comp 2.43%6.74%N/AN/AN/A1.17%
2024/202503-18-2022 2.09%5.65%N/AN/AN/A1.22%
Vang Target Enroll 2024/2025 Comp 2.30%6.11%N/AN/AN/A1.38%
2022/202303-18-2022 1.88%4.99%N/AN/AN/A1.34%
Vang Target Enroll 2022/2023 Comp 2.22%5.56%N/AN/AN/A1.58%
Commencement03-18-2022 1.85%4.71%N/AN/AN/A1.94%
Vanguard Commencement Composite 2.16%5.21%N/AN/AN/A2.17%
Vanguard Aggressive Growth Index Portfolio05-25-2004 10.12%18.11%4.84%10.65%9.13%8.63%
Blended Index Benchmark: Aggressive Growth Composite 10.17%18.55%5.19%11.12%9.51%8.88%
Vanguard Growth Index Portfolio05-25-2004 7.35%14.20%3.11%8.08%7.36%7.43%
Blended Index Benchmark: Growth Composite 7.43%14.63%3.37%8.50%7.70%7.64%
Vanguard Moderate Growth Index Portfolio05-25-2004 4.68%10.48%1.20%5.33%5.44%6.10%
Blended Index Benchmark: Moderate Growth Composite 4.73%10.79%1.46%5.74%5.76%6.33%
Vanguard Conservative Growth Index Portfolio05-25-2004 1.97%6.70%-0.78%2.48%3.40%4.63%
Blended Index Benchmark: Conservative Growth Composite 2.08%7.03%-0.55%2.84%3.70%4.89%
Vanguard Income Portfolio05-25-2004 0.41%3.54%-0.68%0.70%1.37%2.66%
Blended Index Benchmark: Income Composite 0.6%3.88%-0.56%0.83%1.5%2.81%
International Equity Options (Stocks)
DFA-World ex U.S. Core Equity Portfolio06-19-2015 4.86%11.95%1.57%6.68%N/A5.15%
Benchmark: MSCI All Country World ex USA Index (net div) 5.69%11.62%0.46%5.55%N/A4.70%
Vanguard Total International Stock Index Option06-19-2015 5.05%10.88%0.24%5.65%N/A4.73%
Benchmark: FTSE Global All Cap ex US Index 5.24%11.68%0.48%5.87%N/A4.93%
U.S. Equity Options (Stocks)
Vanguard Strategic Equity Option11-01-2013 5.77%14.99%5.77%11.41%9.28%10.22%
Benchmark: Spliced Small and Mid Cap Index 3.76%11.68%1.28%9.47%8.95%9.63%
Vanguard Extended Market Index Option05-25-2004 3.25%14.83%-2.58%8.57%8.11%9.27%
Benchmark: Spliced Extended Market Index 3.28%14.66%-2.64%8.56%8.12%9.33%
Vanguard U.S. Growth Option08-01-2008 19.00%31.74%1.69%15.04%14.03%12.29%
Benchmark: Ohio 529 Spliced US Growth Index 20.70%33.48%11.28%19.34%16.15%14.27%
Vanguard Windsor II Option08-01-2008 9.94%19.96%7.71%13.54%10.21%10.07%
Benchmark: Russell 1000 Value Index 6.62%13.06%5.52%9.01%8.23%8.74%
Vanguard 500 Index Option05-25-2004 15.21%24.38%9.84%14.89%12.68%10.21%
Benchmark: S & P 500 Index 15.29%24.56%10.01%15.05%12.86%10.38%
Vanguard Wellington Option02-17-2009 8.20%14.93%4.63%8.60%7.99%10.53%
Benchmark: Wellington Composite Index 9.51%16.90%5.43%9.89%9.13%11.59%
Fixed-Income Options (Bonds)
Vanguard High Yield Corporate Option06-19-2015 2.11%9.26%1.64%3.36%N/A4.21%
Benchmark: High Yield Corporate Composite Index 2.37%9.71%1.50%3.79%N/A4.49%
DFA Investment Grade Portfolio06-19-2015 0.09%4.08%-2.59%0.25%N/A1.54%
Benchmark: Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index -0.71%2.63%-3.02%-0.23%N/A1.25%
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Option06-19-2015 -0.63%2.69%-3.11%-0.32%N/A1.14%
Benchmark: Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Float Adjusted Index -0.64%2.73%-2.99%-0.18%N/A1.30%
Vanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities Index Option06-19-2015 2.25%5.23%2.01%2.99%N/A2.29%
Benchmark: Bloomberg U.S. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (Tips) 0-5 Year Index 2.26%5.37%2.15%3.16%N/A2.47%
Capital Preservation Option (Cash)
Interest Accumulation Portfolio10-23-2020 1.44%2.81%1.86%N/AN/A1.59%
Benchmark: Ohio Interest Accumulation Composite 1.90%3.48%1.93%N/AN/A1.62%
Banking Options (Cash) (FDIC-Insured to Certain Limits)
Fifth Third 529 Savings Account09-01-2005Current APY (1)     
Balances $0 - $4,999 0.15%     
Balances $5,000 - $9,999 0.15%     
Balances $10,000 - $24,999 0.25%     
Balances $25,000 - $49,999 0.25%     
Balances $50,000 - $99,999 0.50%     
Balances $100,000+ 0.50%     
Fifth Third 529 Certificate of Deposit (CD)09-01-2005Current APY (2)     
3-5 month CD 0.50%     
6-11 month CD 5.00%     
12-23 month CD (1 to 2 years) 4.50%     
24-35 month CD (2 to 3 years) 3.50%     
36-47 month CD (3 to 4 years) 1.50%     
48-59 month CD (4 to 5 years) 1.50%     
60-83 month CD (5 to 7 years) 1.50%     
84-119 month CD (7 to 10 years) 1.50%     
120-144 month CD (10 to 12 years) 1.50%     
The performance data shown represents past performance, which is not a guarantee of future results. Investment returns and Unit value will fluctuate, so the Units, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Performance is shown at Net Asset Value (NAV), which represents performance of the Investment Option reflecting plan expenses and those of the underlying mutual funds. "Blended Index" is a customized index composed of market indexes for the mutual funds in an Investment Option, weighted according to relative target allocations for the funds.
1The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is based on balance amount. Rates may change at any time.
2All APYs shown assume CDs remain on deposit until maturity. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal; early withdrawal fees may reduce earnings. Rates may change at any time.