Set Your Goals And Track Your Progress

Decide what percentage of future college costs you might want to cover and set some goals. Then get familiar with your risk tolerance to help guide your investment selections. After that, you're ready to build your saving strategy and start contributing to your 529 account.

College Savings Planner

Set an end-goal for how much you'd like to save toward total college costs.

  • Compare the cost of different schools: Two-year or four-year, in-state or out, public or private
  • Play with different contribution levels and hypothetical rates of return to estimate savings toward your goals
  • Consider the effect of contributing a portion of tax refunds, bonuses, and other windfalls
  • This tool is great to re-visit throughout the life stages of your savings
Calculate Your Savings

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Get a feel for your risk tolerance to determine your saving strategy.

  • This tool helps you gauge your financial preferences to determine your tolerance for risk
  • Knowing your risk tolerance will help guide your investment choices
Find Your Risk Tolerance

Tax Benefit Tool

Compare tax-free accounts vs. taxable savings as well as saving vs. borrowing.

  • Comparing saving in a 529 account to saving in other types of accounts lets you see the pros and cons of your options
  • Find out if consolidating your assets in a tax-free 529 makes the most sense for you
  • This tool helps you make informed decisions about saving
  • We also have a Cost of Waiting Tool that compares the cost of saving now to the cost of using student loans later
Compare Tax Benefits
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