CollegeAdvantage knows that each of you has your own Savings Story. Whether you’re an account owner or regular contributor, even if you were a beneficiary, we want to know how CollegeAdvantage helped you. What were your reasons for opening an account (or two), and what do you want us to know about how CollegeAdvantage has benefited you?  

We want to showcase real families in real situations, in other words, college savers just like you. Your story doesn't have to be unique; we’re looking for all ages, family sizes, and income levels.

Your story could inspire others to begin saving for college, or encourage them to contribute regularly. Maybe you make contributions each pay, or once a month, or contribute a large amount once a year. Maybe grandparents, or aunts and uncles contribute to your child’s account. Share your savings tips and best practices, as well as your hopes and dreams for your future college grads, and the hopes and dreams they have for themselves.

If you’re a college grad whose parents (or family) invested with CollegeAdvantage for your education, we want to hear how it affected your life in school and after graduation.

Whatever your story, we want to hear it. If you are committed to saving for college and willing to write to us about how and why you’re doing so, please let us know.

Send your story to Judy Cunningham We will review your email, and might just publish it in an upcoming email or newsletter. Be sure to include your contact information and a picture of you and your family.

Thank you for being part of our CollegeAdvantage family.

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