529 tools

529 Tools To Help Answer “What If?

While there’s no way to predict the future, these tools pull in the latest data to help you make smart decisions. 

Want help choosing an investment for Ohio’s 529 Plan? Check out our five-decision Personal Plan, a tool that can help you think through how much to save and how to invest it.


What if you save more or less?

The College Savings Estimator lets you plug in different kinds of schools, existing savings amounts, expected future savings, and an estimated growth rate. Then you can see simulations of how that might turn out in the future.

College Savings Estimator

What if you delay saving?

You just plug in a goal and this tool tells you how much more you might need to save later.

See The Cost Of Delaying

What if your education savings aren’t tax-free?

Ohio’s 529 Plan is tax-free as it grows and when it’s used at qualifying schools — colleges, trade schools, certificate programs, apprenticeships, even K–12 tuition. This tool shows how much more you can save over taxable accounts, like ordinary savings accounts.

Tax Benefit Calculator
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