We started College Advantage accounts for each of our three daughters before they began school and contributed periodically. My parents started accounts for each of their six grandchildren as well that provided a grandparent “scholarship” to supplement what we had. With both, plus the additional balances we paid, we were able to bless each daughter with a college degree without the burden of loans to pay off as they began their careers. They are now all teachers.

Our oldest began at Bowling Green, then transferred to Kent where she graduated with honors in 2007 and now is a math department chairperson teaching high-school math in the Baltimore, Md., area. The middle daughter spent her entire time at Ashland University and graduated in 2011 as one of two valedictorians of her class. She now teaches elementary special education in Portage County. Our youngest daughter began at Marietta then transferred to Ashland where she graduated with honors in 2013 in middle-school education. She currently teaches in Cleveland. We are proud of each of them and what they have done with their education. My parents also helped support my niece’s and nephews’ schooling in business, physical therapy and engineering and would be so proud to see what their grandchildren have accomplished.

Our next chapter with CollegeAdvantage will begin soon as we have set up an account for our first grandchild. We want to offer her, and future grandchildren, the same college support her great grandparents provided for her mother, aunts and cousins. I don’t think anyone knows where the costs of college will go for sure.,

Congratulations on helping families pay for college educations for over 25 years!

Terri Bissel

Twinsburg, Ohio

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