We started with CollegeAdvantage as soon as the program was open. Originally, we opened two accounts but as our family kept growing, we kept saving for their college expenses by adding new accounts. In total, we now have six 529 plan accounts with CollegeAdvantage for our six children.

When we moved to California 11 years ago, we continued to save with CollegeAdvantage. So far, we have used our account to cover college expenses back in Ohio as well as California.

Three of our children have graduated. Our daughter stayed in Ohio to attend the Ohio State University; one son went to University of California – Irvine; and another to University of California – Riverside. Our youngest daughter is going to Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston. Our 529 accounts helped quite a bit at OSU and covered about half of the expenses at California schools where colleges are costly.  Our 529 account is now being used to help fund our pharmacy bound daughter.

We still have two more children to go through college; we are looking forward to using their accounts for their college costs.

These 529 plans are my lifeline. This money came in handy. I do not think people realize how this is a forced savings that with the money being put away it is being used for our future generation.  I would definitely use this program again for my grandchildren.


Tammy Cooper

Irvine, Calif.

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