Mom and daughter smile at each other while working on their laptops

As a current CollegeAdvantage Direct 529 account owner, do you use to manage your account? If so, we’re looking for parents and grandparents who would be willing to participate in a 45-minute, in-person interview the week of August 13 in Columbus. We will discuss what works well when using the website to manage your 529 plan, and what you might change. 

If you are interested, please reply to Please make sure to include your name​ and email address. Your ​information will be shared with our recruiting partner, Lakamo Recruiting. They will contact you, ask you a few more qualifying questions, and arrange scheduling, if your experiences and schedule are a fit. Those who complete the usability test will be compensated $75.

Your opinions will help us make more relevant improvements to our website. We hope that you will opt-in to help with this effort.

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