Account Maintenance Made Easy

Who owns and manages the account? You do

The account owner is typically a parent, but really, it can be anyone. Learn about every aspect of managing your account and log in to see how yours is working.

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"I want to make a contribution."

Contributing includes everything from simple bank transfers and contributions to rolling other savings into your CollegeAdvantage account.

"I want to reallocate money among my investments."

Thinking about changing your allocations? No problem. You can make changes to your account twice each calendar year.

"I'd like to see my balances."

Checking your account balance is an important part of managing your account. Keep track of your current balance for all beneficiaries.

"It's time to make a withdrawal."

To qualify for tax-free withdrawals, you must use your funds for qualified education expenses like tuition, room and board, or books.

"I need to change beneficiaries."

You can change the account beneficiary to another member of the family, but there are important considerations, and a couple of requirements.

"How are my investments doing?"

Maintain your account by keeping an eye on the performance of your investments and price history as current as the most recent business day.

"I need to change my account information."

Your account is open for years before your child uses the funds—and things are likely to change along the way. Lucky for you, it's easy to update.

"I need to find a form or statement."

Need your 1099Q tax form, account statements, or confirmations of online activity? Simply log in, and within two clicks, you can select the documents you need to download.

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